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You’re a commercially savvy, switched-on thinker with an established corporate background

Tired of the corporate BS, you backed yourself and your wide-ranging talents to build your empire.

You’re getting by, making sales, but you want way more.

And you’ve realized that in your corporate life, other people took care of the sales, branding and SEO copywriting services.

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You’re ready to step it up

Optimising your website (SEO) can

Help your reach the right people

Get more people visiting your website

Establish your authority

Generate leads

Make more money

Amplify your brand story through sales & SEO copy and build your empire now

If you’re wondering if now’s the right time for you to take a step forward, building your brand message like a pro, knowing your website is SEO optimized and selling 24/7, I’m going to ask you a question.

If not now, when?

Are you ready for results

You want this because…

You feel like a smarmy salesperson when you ask for a sale

You look at your sad, sleepy website where no one can find you on Google

You’re lurching from idea to idea, hoping someone might buy your offer

You’re struggling to find the perfect words that make your business stand out

relax, you’re in the right place


You’re looking for a way to

Get found on Google and sell more stuff (hey, let’s be real, this ain’t a hobby)

Sleep well knowing your website is selling while you’re dreaming

Create a relatable, memorable, authentic brand story that grows your community

Enjoy running your business and lose the heavy-lifting

Spend quality time on your driving purpose

Because you’ve got BIG, awesome goals

Hi, I’m Leanne Summers

I write words that help you sell

I specialise in brand voice strategy and power it up with sales and SEO copywriting

I help female entrepreneurs like you reach their next stage of growth and connect with exactly the right customers.

I’ll craft irresistible SEO-friendly website words, massaging loyal fans with soft, warm word cuddles and building empathy and trust with your ideal customers.

In a previous life, I was a commercial lawyer. I wrote words no one wanted to read. (Things have changed now.)

Lawyering did teach me how to research, dig until I found the right answer and the opportunity.

I apply the same approach to your sales copy and SEO strategy. It’s data-driven and human-focused.

Leanne is so much more than just a copywriter. Leanne makes my thoughts fly with her words and I can warmly recommend her services.
Hannele Korhonen

Owner, Lawyers Design School

Leanne was easy to work with – from quick turnarounds, lots of research to truly understand my brand and then created inspired + thoughtful content.

Julie Wilhite

Owner, Julie Wilhite Education

Leanne inspired me so much, I’m building a new website for my words.  Leanne took the time to get to know me, my business, what makes me money and what I want my customers to do on my website.

Carolina Herrera

Owner, Casa Herrera Photography

You’re a bright spark. It’s time to harness the power of SEO, get clear on your brand voice and reach your people

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization – boosting your website’s visibility in organic (unpaid) search results.

English, please? It’s about telling the search engines what your site is about so it appears higher in the results.

A whole lotta science, data, research and consumer psychology all popped into a cocktail blender producing a tonic of words your readers will love and Google adore.

SEO copywriting infuses the techy SEO elements with carefully curated website words that tick all the Googly bits and keep your readers eager for more.

Once implemented, your SEO is evergreen and a key pillar of your digital marketing.  Unlike paid ads, SEO doesn’t stop once you stop dishing out the moola. Your biz bestie for life.

All done for you. Cocktail anyone?


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The SEO Day Spa. A full workover delivering a detailed SEO status report and action plan.

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Your brand voice, my words. Add the SEO love and it’s a match made in heaven. Be unmistakably you.

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Launching a new product? Get your “buy now” button smokin’ hot.

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Your voice, your message, your readers want more, without the icky pitch.

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