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Leanne Summers

SEO Consultant

and Content Strategist

Leanne Summers

Leanne Summers is an SEO Consultant, Content Strategist and Copywriter specialising in purpose-driven businesses with big visions. Leanne uses Entity SEO to increase online visibility, build brand authority and help businesses make more money. (And change the world.)

Awks, much? Sorry about the third-person intro. That was for Google. 

You do things differently because you want the world to be a better place

But Google doesn’t like you

Google doesn’t hate you. You just need to earn it’s trust. Which is odd, given it’s a machine, right?

But I like you already cos humans trying to make the world a better place, are my people. Different is good.

I do SEO differently too – because I’m a rebel.

I’m a holistic SEO, which means I approach your online visibility by demonstrating your experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness in your business.

It’s called Entity SEO and topical authority.

It’s a thing. I didn’t make it up.

Whatever is driving your business, I can improve your visibility and increase traffic and sales for your business.

But it takes time and effort – whether yours or mine

Before we have a cup of tea and a chat, you need to know I believe in ethical SEO. I’m not into cutting corners or gaming Google because it will whack you, big time, eventually.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of room for creativity because the internet is full of the same stuff (and Google wants you to give your audience what they want). Just stay within their guidelines and you’ll be fine.

And that’s where we’ll make magic. Your brand and your values, combined with my semantic SEO and content smarts – your business will be irresistible.

So if you want to work with a friendly human who values integrity, and honesty (and getting results) in business, I’m your gal.


SEO is not about stuffing keywords on a page


What if you don’t know anything about SEO

That’s cool. We can start with a consulting call or an SEO Check Up for your website.

We’ll talk about your goals and decide whether SEO is what you need. I’m not in the business of selling stuff you don’t need.

And if you want to DIY your SEO, I can give you some coaching or training and guide you along.

Whether you need some training, someone to look over your site and give you some pointers or a full-blown strategy, I can help.


Leanne Summers


  • Bachelor of Laws, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Monash University
  • Certfied Recipe for SEO Success
  • Copy School Lifetime
  • Certified Digital Masterchef
  • Certified Clever Copywriting School
  • Certified Confident Copywriter
Confident Copywriting - Leanne Summers Member
Leanne Summers member of Clever Copywriting School
Leanne Summers Digital Masterchefs approved
Leanne Summers Recipe for SEO Success Certification


Leanne is thoroughly dedicated, highly researched and a pure delight. Everything was efficient, easy, and informative and a huge relief to have Leanne manage the whole process from start to finish.

Kate Powe

Founder , Kate Powe Naturopath

juicy details

The Backstory

Well, look you at you, you read to the bottom

I may be the SEO Pro for you.

Here’s a bit about me. Ten years ago, I hit the wall. I was a ruthless corporate lawyer with all the trappings.

My husband and I enjoyed all the “things”. Lived on the coast, and had the money and a fridge full of Moet. We took the vacays. We indulged in long brunches and hosted boisterous dinner parties.

Our friends thought we were successful. I didn’t.

I did the deals, the due diligence and the research. It taught me to dig hard, and in the process, I discovered the power of values-led business, brand power and SEO strategy. All successful businesses, big or small, had them.

My personal brand was a disaster. Strategy? Crush or be crushed. My colleagues called me “The Toe Cutter” and worse. And it set me on a quest to find my soul.


I convinced hubby to move to Vietnam, with five suitcases and a mission. A crazy quest for a simpler life with meaning and purpose.

Why? I was miserable. I felt devoid of soul, heart and meaning. Sense of humour? Um, left the building.

Fast forward ten years, the Toe Cutter is gone, I’ve found myself, love the woo woo, and I help amazing women like you build empires through SEO and words.

And I use my critical thinking to create SEO and write words people want to read.

And I’m a destination wedding celebrant! True story.

I chose Leanne because I fell in love with the words used on her own website and social media. After a quick chat with her over the phone, I knew right away that she was ‘The One’.   Leanne blew my expectations and is a very professional copywriter.

Shannon Berg

Isla Dream Prints