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About page – written for you

 ‘About’ pages that win customers

Your About page is a deal maker

It’s the difference between “I’ll think about it” and “where do I sign?”

The reason people choose you instead of Betty Big Brand or 10 of your competitors. 

Your readers want to know

  • who they’re buying from
  • and you really ‘get’ them

They want a connection.

And your About page is where they get it.

Take advantage of the About Page – written for you, and I’ll make the magic.



It’s also a great place to show Google why it should serve up your website instead of Betty Big Brand.

It’s all about demonstrating your E-E-A-T. (My what I hear you say.)

Google wants to see you’re not an overnight guru churning out 1,000 articles a day using AI or Large Language Models.

Google needs to understand who you are, that you’re credibible and your content gives it’s users the answers they’re looking for.

Before they serve you to its customers, Google must be confident in your

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

You don’t need to be a Rhode Scholar, but we want to show your customers (and Google) you’re a good egg, with relevant experience in your area of expertise.

That way everyone feels warm and fuzzy when they decide you’re the one.

PS: See how this fits with the topical authority content strategy. You’re establishing yourself as the only place to buy.

PPS: your About Page is also your “entity” home – your place in Google’s library of information – and if a Knowledge Panel is on your radar, here is where you start. (But I’m getting ahead of myself for now.)


Get your About page written for you and start making relationships today. It’s easy, fast and you don’t have to write it yourself.

Get your EEAT in order today

From 879


The About Page is the second

most visited page on a website.


Is yours doing its job?

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About page – written for you

About pages that get the sale

Writing your About page is hard

I know.

You’re busy, your to-do list is endless and writing about yourself sounds as much fun as a marathon in a heatwave.

Besides you’re way too close to the subject to see the gold. 

Your backstory and business are compelling and your customers want to connect with them.

Because they need to like you before they’ll buy from you.

Give them the reason to choose you.

Want an About page that turns readers into buyers?

about page secrets

It ain’t about you (well, kinda)

Sure, you’re sharing your story and why your business consumes every part of your being. 

But there’s more. 

  • It makes you human and relatable
  • It builds trust with Google
  • It puts a face in front of your brand
  • It gives a reason for the “yes”

Cue, money in the bank.

You’re the one and only.

PS: More on About pages written for you

Lose the About page you wrote when you were starting out.

You’ve grown, your biz has grown and it’s time to wow your customers.

The small print


  • One website About Page 400-600 words or as long as pages in your industry 
  • Optimised for Google EEAT and your adoring customers 
  • Includes one round of revisions
  • Includes professional proofreading 
  • Delivered via Google drive (or email) within 14 days of receipt of the completed questionnaire
  • Terms and conditions apply

I really enjoyed working with Leanne because it was so easy and the writing has so much personality. I would just never be able to write like that!

Sam Gallagher

Owner, Peach & Petals