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You want
  • To build the bridge that connects your customers with your brand
  • To create trust, authority and nurture long-lasting relationships
  • Amplify your vision and purpose
  • Your people to think “hey, she’s talking to me”

Using targeted customer research, science and SEO, I can help you reach your ideal clients with words that remove fear, create excitement and generate sales.

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SEO Health Check

SEO Friendly Website Copywriting

Sales and Landing Pages

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SEO Check Up

Get a grip on your website SEO & make a confident, educated start

You’re ready to take a squiz at this SEO thing, but it sounds too hard. People make a lot of money making it sound like brain surgery.

I’ll keep it simple and understandable.

I’ll put on my gloves and poke around every square inch of your website (and a couple of your competitors). You’ll get a jargon-free status update and a step by step roadmap for a tip-top website that pleases your visitors and the search engines.

Get your head around SEO, know where you stand and how to “next level” your website.

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SEO Friendly Website Copywriting

Do you shudder at the thought of writing your website?

Let me use your brand voice and my words to showcase your brilliance. Performing intensive, scientific keyword research, your website copy will be full of SEO juju to please the Google Goddesses, getting you found on Google and more eyeballs on your site.

Get your website in front of the people who want your magic.

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Sales & Landing Pages

You feel like you’ve had too much coffee. Your excitement meter just blew up. 

You’ve done all the hard work and now you’re ready to launch. You’re poised to hear the sweet “ping” sound of bookings, purchases and downloads. You need your sales page to put money in the bank.

Gah, the sales page, I hear you holler. You’ve got no time to write it. (And seriously, do you really wanna?)

Using data and research, I’ll zone in on your ideal customer and speak to them using words they want to hear.

And get them taking action, now.

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Email copywriting

Are you neglecting your email list?

Who said email marketing is dead? Not me.
Do the Google. For every $1 spent on email marketing, an average $38 return is routine. It’s a whopping 3800% return on investment.

You might be spending hours on your social media presence, where the return is a ho-hum 28%. It’s time to ask where you want to spend your precious time.

Your humans have opened their doors to you, show them why they need you.

Whether you need email sequences that deepen your relationships or a launch email sequence that get the clickety clicks, I can help.

Build your brand loyalty, increase traffic to your website, launch in style and get the sales. 

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I found working with Leanne to be the easiest process and she goes above and beyond to understand your business and client needs. Yvette Sitters, Founder, Manage My Wedding