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email sequence copywriting that works

Quit winging it

Do you feel “foetal position” overwhelm about writing marketing emails?

You want to make real connections but don’t know how

Your inbox is full of salesy rubbish and you don’t want to add to it.

You want your emails to touch your people and show how you can help them.

You’ve got oodles to offer but you can’t get the words out (sob).

So you leave it another day, hoping for divine inspiration.

And before long it feels like it’s been too long and you don’t bother.

Maybe an email sequence copywriter can help. (Hint.)

Your email list is your superhero. For every $1 spend, the average return is $46.

It’s time to give your email some love.

The time is now

Your email list is your business star

Your people signed up, right? They want what you’ve got.

You’re ready to serve them and words are holding you back. 

Let’s fix that, stat.

email marketing with style

Stand out in the sea of sameness

Your emails will delight, entertain and (holy moly) have readers calling for help.

Without any spammy, cringey pitches in sight.

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Staring at a blank page

You want this because…

You want to use your most valuable marketing asset with purpose

  • Show readers you’re human
  • Give them a giggle
  • Increase sales (without the sleaze)
  • Book more services
  • Get more clients
  • Grow your list

Instead of stressing about your blank page why not let me help you?

Let me take care of increasing your open rates, minimising unsubscribes and getting more customer love

Email Copywriting Campaigns

  • Welcome sequences
  • Product or Service Launch sequences
  • Newsletters
  • Anything else you’d like to share with your people

Email copywriting packages include:

  • One hour planning call on Zoom – where emails get magnetic 
  • Competitor research – so your campaign is a ray of sunshine
  • Subject lines, email sequence content, timing and calls to action – to optimise roll out 
  • Two free rounds of revisions – so they’re perfect
Start building lifelong relationships with style and confidence today.

“Leanne was easy to work with – from quick turnarounds, lots of research to truly understand my brand and then created inspired + thoughtful content.”

Julie Wilhite, Julie Wilhite Education