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How I work


10 simple steps to achieve your goals

If you haven’t worked with me before, the process is easy peasy.

I’ll poke about inside your head and get to know you, your biz, your customers and your objectives.

If you want a blow by blow commentary and spreadsheets on your SEO strategy I’ll talk your ears off. If not, no worries.

Same drill with the research on the conversations your customers are having in their heads and hearts.

I’m guided by you and your needs and I’m with you every step of the way.

Read on for the details. 


Let’s make it happen

1. Book a call

You email me or tap the “Book a call” button. We’ll bond on a call while you tell me what you need. If I can, you’ll get a ballpark figure otherwise you’ll need to give me more info. 

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2. Action Plan

You’ll get an action plan and quote from me lickety-split. You secure your spot in my copy calendar by signing and paying the 50% commencement fee. It’s time to make magic.

3. Copywriting Brief

You’ll complete the copywriting brief. This is where you tell me all about you, your biz and your grand, master plans. It’s the foundation for exceptional words. 

4. Strategy Call

Time for more bonding. A one-hour call to finalise the copywriting brief and confirm the strategy for your copy project. We’ll get crystal clear on your objectives so the words hit the mark.

I found working with Leanne to be the easiest process and she goes above and beyond to understand your business and client needs.

Yvette Sitters, Founder, Manage My Wedding

5. Research Time

Now it’s time for me to scope the competition, interview your customers, and research and plan your SEO. I’ll report back with your SEO findings and strategy. This is the secret sauce.

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6. Copy Outline

You’ll get an outline of the proposed copy to check I’ve covered everything. You know your biz better than anyone else and it’s a great way to make sure I’ve got it all. It’s not the copy just yet. It’s the structure for you to approve.

7. Writing Time

I’ll hit the keyboard and craft the SEO-rich, button clicking words your customers will love. Can you hear me tapping?

8. Get your copy

Written for humans and optimised for Google, your copy is ready for you. Time for the balance invoice payment. 

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9. Edits

Something not quite, right? No problem. You get two free rounds of revisions and my 14-day turnaround guarantee.


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10. Proofreading

Once you give the copy the tick of approval, I’ll get your copy read by a professional proofreader. No one tackles a typo like a pro.

And voila, the copy is yours.


Get your copy off your “to-do” list