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Ready for people to

go nuts for your sales page?

you want to seal the deal with a sizzling sales page

but you’ve done so much already with so much more to do

when will you get time to write it?


You’ve given your all to your offer and can’t wait to serve your people

Your life-long dream.

Your revolutionary product.

Your purpose-driven service.

You’ve basked in your well-earned glory and now you need a landing or sales page.

Gawd, who thought it would be so hard.


I can help.

You’ve put everything you’ve got into your exciting new offer. Your landing or sales pages need the “yes please” feels

The time is now

Launch with
strategy & purpose


Let me use empathy, consumer science and data-driven words to reach into the hearts and minds of even the most skeptical buyers and reward your hard work with the moola you deserve.

You’ve earned this.

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The time is now

You want this because…

You can’t sell a secret.

People want to buy things, your things

  • You’re here to help
  • You were born to help
  • You want to reach the people who are looking for what you offer
  • So you can meet their needs without the salesy sleaze
  • Book more services
  • Get more clients

Stop stressing about sounding cringey & let me talk to your people using words they want to hear.

You’re one smart cookie, look at your incredible offer. Use a pro to use the right words, amplify your value and boost your sales.

Sales & Landing Pages


  • A one-hour strategy call on Zoom on strategy and the copywriting brief – so we’re in the same corner
  • Ideal customer research – know who we are targeting
  • Competitor research – to find your point of difference
  • SEO data investigation to optimise word choice – for the Google Goddesses

  • Page-titles and meta-descriptions – Google can find you and people will love em
  • Two free rounds of revisions – so it’s perfect
  • Professional proofreading – no one tackles a typo like a pro


You’ve done all the hard work pouring your heart and soul into your offer. Let me ask you a question? If you don’t have a sales page that has your ideal client screaming “Yes, I’ve finally found what I need”

How are you going to sell it?

Leanne is fantastic at what she does and I would highly recommend her skills to anyone. Thank you so much, Leanne. You rock!

Linda Leith

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