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Are you relying on paid ads to get visitors to your website and it feels like a money pit? I get it. But how else do you get people to come for a cuppa and a look around?

SEO strategy and copywriting and a content strategy that gives you topical authority, friend.

What are SEO copywriting services?

SEO copywriting services are services offered by copywriters who are professionals in SEO.

Their copy is optimised to improve the visibility of your website by increasing its rankings in search engine results. This means that people searching for products and services will find your site before they find competitors’ sites. And because the copy is written for your ideal reader, they’ll whoop in delight because they found you.

SEO copywriting services are a powerful combo of words convincing readers you’re the one for them – presented in a way Google can understand – without sounding like they were written by a robot.  You’ll be utterly you, and you’ll talk to Google, too.

You’re not on the internet to hide, right?

SEO copywriting can cover anything you want to promote online – from product descriptions, websites, e-commerce stores, sales pages, and landing pages to online ads.

It’s all about charming, compelling copy that entices your readers to take action – with all the SEO signals Google needs in order to understand who you are and what you’re all about.

Makes sense.


Search Engine Optimisation copywriting services description

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a combination of three things, all designed to tickle Google where it likes to be tickled most.

• SEO On-page optimisation

  • On-page SEO is everything readers see on their screen and this is where SEO copywriting comes into play
  • Essentially it’s creating great content that answers the questions readers are asking – as well as optimising the page for keywords, relevance and search intent, so Google knows what you’re all about

• SEO Off-page optimisation

  • Off-page SEO is the efforts you make outside of your website to build your brand presence, authority and business reputation. Think backlinks, podcasts and guest blogs – anything you are doing to build your reputation and drive traffic to your website.

• SEO Technical optimisation

  • Website speed, user experience, website architecture, schema and the technical things Google expects awesome websites to have.

Why is SEO copywriting important?

SEO copywriting balances SEO research and strategy with amazing content your readers will love.

It helps Google understand what your copy is about without sounding like it was written by a robot.

And that helps Google serve up your business to the people who need it most.

What are the benefits of SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting can

  • Connect you with your ideal customer
  • Improve your visibility in the organic search results
  • Send people to your website
  • Turn lookers into buyers
  • Establish your biz as the trusted authority in the space

And maintain your presence in the search results long after your Google Ad budget has dried up.

SEO copywriting tip: Always write for humans

How does SEO copywriting work? A Step-By-Step Process

SEO copywriting isn’t about plonking a few keywords in some content and calling it a day.

Before I start any SEO copywriting project for a website, I always do an SEO technical audit. Why? No amount of beautiful, SEO-optimised copy can outperform a website Google doesn’t rate.

But this is a super-brief summary of the process I use for my copywriting services (just in case you want to give it a try).

1. Identify your ideal customer

Don’t let all the big words fool you. SEO starts and finishes with people – your ideal customer in particular.

Build a picture showing

  • The challenges they face
  • The objections they have
  • The conversations they need to have with other people before they engage with your business instead of the one they’re using now

Get to know everything about them. What does their dream future look like?

You’re writing for them, to them. And you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving your SEO goals when you know your ideal customer as well as you know your best friend.

2. Do your keyword research to find your keyword and your synonyms

Keyword research is where you learn what phrases or words users are searching for on Google.
When you find keywords and phrases your potential customers are using to find products and services like yours and then build content around them, it will help drive organic traffic to your site.

You’ll find more information on keyword research and how to do it in the article on SEO Fundamentals.

3. Spy on your competitors to see keywords they’re ranking for

This can be a little tricky without the expensive SEO tools we use, but you can check where the competition is at by searching on Google for a few relevant phrases to see if they appear in the search results.

Otherwise, you can drop me a line and I can help you out. The goal here is to appear above them in the search rankings.

TIP: Do your research in an incognito tab in Google so your search history doesn’t influence results.

4. Analyse the top 10 pages ranking for your keyword

Look at the pages in the first 10 positions in the search results (disregard the ads and the local search results.) You’re looking for the first 10 organic website results.

Check out the words to see if they use other similar words you could add to your content to help catch more search queries your potential customers might make. Grab all of them.

5. Assess your keyword

Look at the type of content being served in the search results

  • Videos?
  • Blog posts?
  • Websites?

What questions are they answering? Can you put a different spin on it and make it unique? Are you willing to invest in the same content to compete?

Finally – make sure the keyword you’ve chosen is relevant to your business. The results Google throws up are the ones readers have judged most suitable to their question (because they click on it and read it).

So if you’re an online store and the results produce 10 blog articles, the keyword probably isn’t the one for you.

6. Create your content

Now you’ve got your keyword and synonyms put them into Google and see what comes up. This is the stuff you need to beat with awesome SEO copywriting.

  1. Write unique, compelling content showing why you are the only person who can help.
  2. Write a catchy headline and write conversational and engaging content that invites your ideal customer to take action.
  3. Put your keyword in these places
  • page title
  • meta description
  • URL slug
  • image alt title and file name
  • H1
  • first 100 words and in bold
  • H2 and H3 (synonyms too)
  • anchor text for internal links

TIP: Always write for humans, not for Google. Don’t sacrifice your brand voice, or conversational style to stuff in a keyword if it sounds ridiculous. And definitely don’t stuff your keywords and synonyms in every sentence. Keyword stuffing is not cool and Google isn’t dumb – and neither is your reader.

Why You Need SEO Copywriting Services

If creating your own SEO copywriting or SEO strategy sounds daunting, an SEO copywriting service can help you

  • Get steady, reliable website traffic and make sales
  • Develop an SEO strategy
  • Rank higher for your target keywords
  • Save money on paid ads
  • Earn backlinks and website credibility with the Google gods
  • Find gaps in your keywords and SEO content strategy for a ranking edge

What content needs SEO copywriting services?

SEO copywriting services are for any piece of online content you want to publish and rank higher on Google. Your digital marketing plan likely calls for a strong online presence and you need original content your ideal humans will love and share.

See all my affordable SEO copywriting services.

Here are some of the most valuable types of SEO copywriting for business:

Digital and Website Copywriting

This SEO copywriting gets your most valuable digital asset working hard for you. Using clear and compelling SEO-optimised copy that inspires trust, confidence and action.

Lots of copywriters will tell you website copy doesn’t need SEO, but it’s a bit like putting a billboard on a freeway that isn’t open, right?

Professional SEO copy gives Google the stuff it needs to make your site more visible in the search results along with engaging and enticing on-brand copy that excites your readers to join your fold.

See my website packages.

About Pages

Your About page is the second most visited page on your website. It’s the place readers go to see how you can help them – and why they should choose you. It’s your opportunity to show you’ve got the goods, but also the human behind the brand.

It’s also a great place to establish your credibility with Google. Demonstrating your experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness is an important factor in whether your site will appear in the results. Check out the Google Quality Rater Guidelines for more on E-E-A-T.

In a world where content is generated by Large Language Models like Chat GPT, it’s important for humans, and Google to know your content is created by a human, for humans – and that you’re a good human!

People buy from people: People they know, like and trust. When you share common values, interests and beliefs it gives readers a reason to exclude the other options and hone in on you.

Well-written About pages can turn a “maybe” into a “hell yes.” Read more on how a killer About page written for you will help your business.

Clinch the deal with my About page package.

Topical authority clusters and blogs

Blogs that answer the questions your readers and asking are an outstanding way to establish your credibility and convince your reader you’re the brand for them.

Topic clusters are a fantastic way to establish your authority in your area and help potential customers along their buying journey – without leaving your website. Read more about how you can make more sales with a blog on your eCommerce website.  

Lots of businesses make the mistake of writing blogs for blogging’s sake – and with 4.4 million blogs posted every day, it’s tough to cut through the noise (and it’s an expensive time suck).

The trick is turning up awesome content that people are eager to read – because they’re searching for it.
Get targeted and get specific and use your blogs to grow your revenue.

Contact me for more info on blogging packages

Product Descriptions

Someone is looking at your product! Great stuff. Get them to click the “Add to Cart” button with an entertaining and informative product description that answers their questions and gives them a vision of themselves using your product.

It’s all about the SEO and the “who, what, where, why and how.” Seal the deal with product descriptions that sell.

Contact me for more information on product descriptions.

Email marketing or email sequence copywriting

Emails that readers want to read – even look forward to.

For every dollar spent on email, the average return on investment is $36. Powerful numbers, right?
The best emails are on brand, entertaining, telling a story and leading your reader on a journey to the action you want them to take. And a fantastic way to build relationships with your people and reinforce your trustworthiness and expertise. (And that you’re human.)

Contact me for email sequence copywriting.

Landing Pages

A landing page is where you send readers to take action after they interact with marketing content. It might be an ad on social media, a Google ad or other promotional material. A landing page has one job: to get your reader to do the thing your promotional material wants them to do: click a button, hand over their email or subscribe for a free trial, private podcast or webinar.

Get in touch for landing page copy.

Sales Pages

Sales pages have one purpose: To turn a looker into a buyer. I’m not a fan of manipulative copywriting (where the only person who benefits is the person selling the stuff) because it’s not cool.

I work with businesses that have awesome products and services on offer and connect them with people who want those things in their lives.

Sales pages aren’t cheap because they are a hefty combination of customer research, data analysis, consumer psychology and lots of proof.

Plus, some bloody good writing.

Need a sales page, get in touch.

PS: Landing pages and sales pages don’t call for as much SEO because readers have been enticed there by an ad or other promotion – but we always ad some SEO juice because every bit counts, right?

Benefits of SEO Copywriting Services description

Could your business use some SEO copywriting?

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Got a spare chunk of time to fit some SEO copywriting into your time-poor schedule? The right SEO copywriter has the experience and the SEO tools to help you rank higher, get more sales and earn SEO revenue. SEO is an evergreen marketing strategy that works long after paid advertising has ended.

Interested in how SEO copywriting services or SEO services, in general, can help grow your business? Drop me a line for a quick chat.

No slimy pitches and no dodgy SEO here.


Leanne Summers is a lawyer turned strategic SEO copywriter and digital marketing consultant. Leanne helps corporate escapees with purpose-driven businesses reach their next stage of business growth and live the life they want. Tired of writing words no one wanted to read, Leanne fled the corporate grind in search of a fresh perspective. The universe drew her to Vietnam. Now she helps female entrepreneurs all over the world get found on Google, connect with their audience and make the moola through semantic SEO consulting, topical authority content strategy and digital marketing.