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 Testimonials for Leanne Summers

Client reviews

A word magician

We chose Leanne Summers because of her expertise in law, SEO and copywriting.

The website copy Leanne wrote for our law firm conveys our brand personality to a tee.

We love how Leanne writes, communicates, listens, is prompt and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Leanne just gets it!

The entire experience was seamless and stress-free.

Thank you, Leanne



Katie Akpinar

Principal Lawyer, Lawthentic

We booked Leanne because we needed a writer who could inject our tone into our Legal Template website and create compelling product descriptions for us.

Being an ex-lawyer was a huge bonus. We loved her writing; Leanne was enthusiastic and knows her stuff.

If we had to describe Leanne in three words, they’d be talented, approachable, and knowledgeable.

We found the whole experience to be enjoyable and easy. We’re engaging Leanne for more copywriting and SEO now. It was all too easy – thanks, Leanne.

Courtney Bowie

Co-Founder, Easy Legal Templates

Leanne is thoroughly dedicated, and highly researched and has a great structured and streamlined approach to navigating such a huge undertaking.  

She’s also a lovely human and a fab wordsmith. I loved our connection as we got to know each other and her dedication and precision to tone as well as her in-depth analysis and research into my SEO copy were fabulous.

Everything was efficient, easy, and informative and a huge relief to have Leanne manage the whole process from start to finish.

A pure delight.

Kate Powe

Founder, Kate Powe Naturopath

Leanne did the collection pages for my e-commerce site recently.

Working with Leanne was one of the best decisions. She helped me with her fabulous copywriting skills but also did fantastic work for keyword research.

Keywords for my website have taken a big jump and positioning quite well too. The process was smooth. I loved the video she made to explain her methodology.

Very impressed with her incredible copywriting skills as it feels like now customers can relate to what they are looking for on my website.

If you’re undecided about investing in Leanne – do it. You will thank yourself later.

She is like a Genie in a Bottle: your wish is her command & presto, she makes it happen!

Neha Uppal

Founder, Mimi and Coco

I have worked with Leanne since fall 2020 and I am a very happy customer. I am a serial entrepreneur and lawyer on a quest to change the world through legal design.

Our relationship has evolved into full-blown strategic SEO, brand voice, website and sales copywriting. It adds so much value to me and my business.

Leanne is customer-centric, flexible, trustworthy, super smart and her writing skills are just incredible. She always makes sure that the copy is SEO’d. What’s best she has her own point of view on things and she’s so much more than just a copywriter.

Leanne makes my thoughts fly with her words and I can warmly recommend her services.

Hannele Korhonen

Founder, Lawyers Design School

I engaged Leanne Summers after a trusted branding expert recommended her to me.  I had heard so many negative experiences with SEO specialists that a referral was music to my ears.

Leanne performed an SEO Audit & gave me a step by step report on the fixes I needed to make. Leanne explains SEO in an everyday way and it’s easy to understand. Her passion and dedication to her clients are undeniable.

Leanne then a full keyword strategy for me and my rankings are improving daily. Within one week, one keyword moved from position 48 to 8!

She is like a Genie in a Bottle: your wish is her command & presto, she makes it happen!

My only regret is not knowing Leanne sooner. If you are seeking any services of Leanne, I highly recommend reaching out to her to discuss your requirements.

Liz Schiller

Owner, Tonik Fusion

How good is Leanne?

Leanne Summers has just delivered SEO copy for my new website and I couldn’t be happier.

I chose Leanne from a network I’m involved in because she was always adding value in the group and I really liked her vibe.

I’ve learned now what a joy she is to work with. Professional and engaging, Leanne says what she will do to support you and then does it.

Leanne’s SEO research is really thorough and her copy has surgeon-like precision.

Leanne is a thoroughly brilliant copywriter. I’m definitely keeping her number on my speed dial!

Alex Hanlon

CEO, Engine No. 2

My web developer and SEO consultant suggested I contact Leanne Summers for my website SEO copywriting.

I really enjoyed working with Leanne because it was so easy and the writing has so much personality. I would just never be able to write like that!

Leanne is patient, asks questions and is professional at all times. I just found it so easy!

Leanne is nice, smart, funny, easy-going, efficient and a strong writer.

Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Leanne if you want personality-packed words that talk to Google and make your products shine.

Sam Gallagher

Owner, Peach and Petals

I chose Leanne because she has experience in the wedding industry and is also a copywriter.

I wanted a copywriter who understood SEO and the ins and outs of our industry, language and jargon. Leanne had a section about the tone of voice and clarified with me as much as possible to ensure that the tone of voice was maintained throughout the whole copy.

Leanne kept me up to date throughout the process and understood that I was not able to review and approve her copy versions immediately. Leanne never pushed me along the journey.

The whole process was very comprehensive.

I found Leanne thorough, understanding, and patient and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome copywriter who writes fantastic words and is happy to hold your hand the entire way through.

Tracey Chan

Owner, Special Events by Tracey

Leanne nailed my website copy absolutely, completely, and totally. It was exactly what I was after.

And so nice to have someone else’s take on my ‘baby’. The tone was spot on, fabulous, fun and friendly. 

Leanne is a wonderful communicator, talented, professional, and friendly. 

Everything was too easy.

Gillian Opie

Founder, Hens Treasure Hunt

I recently hired Leanne Summers to write copy for my new website. I chose Leanne because she was recommended by my VA. When we first spoke, I knew Leanne was special. She researched my brand prior to our discussion and was incredibly prepared for our conversation. Leanne was easy to work with – from quick turnarounds, lots of research to truly understand my brand and then created inspired + thoughtful content. I look forward to engaging Leanne to create more content for my brand and highly recommend her work to others!

Julie Wilhite

Owners, Julie Wilhite Education

I engaged Leanne Summers to write product descriptions and email campaigns. I chose Leanne because she genuinely cares about her clients and because her content writing always captures me and I can’t stop reading. I found working with Leanne to be the easiest process and she goes above and beyond to understand your business and client needs. Leanne is a very talented copywriter whom I plan to continue using for all our content work in the future.

I was able to reset my business goals when I found Leanne. Thank you, Leanne

Yvette Sitters

Owner, Manage My Wedding

I’d been speaking with Leanne Summers for a long time about my website words. I felt they did not reflect me at all.

I chose Leanne because she took the time to get to know me, my business, what makes me money, what I love doing and what I want my customers to do on my website.

I found working with Leanne to be easy, stress-free, educational and full of bonus tips about SEO and social media.

Leanne is a fabulous copywriter.

Carolina Herrera

Owner, Casa Herrera Photography

Proud to have worked with these wonderful purpose-driven businesses

I recently engaged Leanne Summers, to re-write product descriptions. I chose Leanne because I fell in love with the words used on her own website and social media. After a quick chat with her over the phone, I knew right away that she was ‘the one’. I found working with Leanne to be such an easy, pleasant experience. There was such a fast turn around and I could not be happier with the outcome. Leanne blew my expectations and is a very professional copywriter.

Shannon Berg

Owner, Isla Dream Prints

My website was in dire need of professional attention so I called Leanne to help. Leanne guided me through the whole process from start to finish with detailed, specific and constructive suggestions. We spoke about a range of elements for my website such as copy, SEO, colours, photos and how I wanted it to look and feel.

Leanne put it all together in no time and it looks fantastic.

Leanne is also a wealth of information with many handy hints and suggestions for social media. Leanne is fantastic at what she does and I would highly recommend her skills to anyone.

Thank you so much, Leanne. You rock!

Linda Leith

Owner, Celebrate the Love